Weddings have the two important ingredients formality and fun. Once the formalities are over it's time to add some fun. Ron will mix and mingle with your guests, amazing and amusing your family and friends. Everyone gets involved and most of the magic happening is in the hands of your guests. As well as performing fun magic on your special day, Ron will usually teach your guests a fun trick they can perform to their family and friends, adding to their enjoyment of the day and making it more memorable.

As Weddings are family events there may be a number of children present. If it's your wish Ron will happily perform a 30 minute Magic show, full of audience participation and including magic, plate spinning, balloon modelling and lots of laughs suitable for the age of the children attending.

Ron usually entertains for 2 hours at Weddings and for 2 1/2 hours if you want the Children's Magic show as well.

  • Popular time slots are while the photos are being taken.
  • Ron would mix and mingle with your guests.
  • During the Wedding Meal
  • Ron would perform at the tables in between courses, after the speeches and up until the evening guests start arriving.

Ron Popple has a large repertoire of magic tricks, card tricks, and illusions. A few favourites that he performs are:

  • The Bands Of Doom.
    Two rubber bands, Ron escapes and then two guests get to help and get all the applause.
  • Aladdin's Ring All the Way From Marrakech Market
    A magic ring that defies the laws of physics & nature.
  • The Worlds fastest card trick.
    Balls appear, disappear & multiply all in the hands of the spectators.